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1966 born at Rizhao city, Shandong Province, China

1993 –1994 Oil painting department, China Central Academy of Fine Arts China

1995-2005 Teaching paiting and making city sculpture in Heilongjiang Province

2009-2013 Lives and works in Beijing and Salzburg, Austria

since 2013 Lives and works in Salzburg, Austria

Awards and Honors 

2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013 invited by “Studio stay at the ‘Atelier des Landes Salzburg’ Austria

2008 The first Chinese young artist’s nomination exhibition, Gold award, Beijing,


Solo Exhibitions


2015   Wang Jixin’s Works, Panzerhalle, Salzburg, Austria

2014   The Lost Glory Wang Jixin Paintings, Stadtgalerie Neu Isenburg /Kreishaus, Offenbach, Germany

2014   „Redemption-light of life“ Theologische Fakultät Salzburg, Austria

2013 Wang Jixin in the Fortress “Jingdezhen 2012”, Festung Hohensalzburg, Austria

2013 INSPIRATION Wang Jixin’ Solo Exhibition in Wörthersee, Maria Wörth

2011 Wang Jixin: Die verlorene Welt, Gallery Ling, Berlin, Germany

2011 WANGJIXIN The Lost Glory – Jingdezhen 2006-2011 solo exhibition, Europark, Salzburg, Austria

2009 Solo exhibition: “Wang Jixin. The Lost Glory”, Hipp Halle, Gmunden,


2008 Wang Jixin personal exhibition, “Gui” Art Center, Taiwan, China


Group Exhibition

2016 Kunst-Insel, Panerinsel, Hallein, Austria

2016   Subtile Einblicke Festungsfotografien in 125 Jahren, Festung, Salzburg, Austria

2015   Kunst Salon Salzburg, Gusswerk, Salzburg, Austria

2014     Wang Jixin & Ma Dongmin, in der HDW im Gusswerk, Salzburg, Austria

2014     Be a pART, Salzburg Kavernen, Austria

2013   „Erinnerung, die bewegt“, Salzburg Synagoge, Salzburg, Austria

2013 The Eschaton Reviewed: tomorrow ist another day, Blackbridge Offspace, Beijing, China

2012 Kunstankäufe des Landes 2010–2012, Galerie im Traklhaus, Salzburg, Austria

2011 Tiere in der Kunst, Galerie im Traklhaus, Salzburg, Austria

2011 “Alles ist offen” Kunstlerhaus studio opening exhibition, Salzburg, Austria

2011 “Our Homeland” The Frist Environmental Protection Art Exhibition, Beijing,


2010 7 th lnternational(wuzhou)art exhibition Discography

2010 “beyond the cultural horizons”, South Korea invited artists exhibition,

Shangshang International Art Museum, China

2009 The Chinese Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition, Holland

2009 The 5th Songzhuang Art Festival, <Group! Group!> Art Exhibition, Beijing

2009 The 6th Korea and Beijing-China Art Exchange Exhibition, Korea

2008 The 1st Chinese young artists nomination exhibition, Beijing, China

2008 Collection Exhibition of Museum of Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

2007 “in & out” 2007 Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing, China

2007 China International Gallery Exhibition, Beijing, China

2007 Art Shanghai Exhibition, Shanghai, China

2006 First oil painting exhibition of Beijing East Art Center, Beijing East Art

Center, China

2006 “Made in Songzhuang” Group show of Songzhuang Artists, Shangshang

Art Museum, China

2006 Guangzhou International art Fair, Guangzhou, China

2006 9th Beijing International Art Exhibition, Beijing, China

2006 “Touching” 2006 China Contemporary Art 25 group Exhibition, Beijing,


2006 First New Motivity of China Exhibition, Shanghai, China

2006 Hanmo Arts Gallery Collection exhibition, Beijing, China

2006 RMCAD Gallery, China Contemporary Art Exhibition, Los Angeles, USA

2006 First Art Festival of Songzhuang, Beijing, China

2005 Contemporary Art Exhibition in Beijing Proposition Center, Beijing, China

1993 National Industry Scratchboard Exhibition, China Art Museum, Beijing,


1992 Bei Da Huang Scratchboard Exhibition, Haerbin,China

1992 Shenzhen Oil Painting Exhibition, Shenzhen International Exhibition

Center, China